Translation procedure
The survey was developed in English and translated to a total of 30 languages. The PsyCorona team initially prioritized survey translations of the world’s major languages. We then asked PsyCorona team members who were from different regions to translate the survey into their language.

This study complies with ethical regulations for research on human subjects and all participants gave informed consent, as approved by the Institutional Review Board at New York University Abu Dhabi (protocol HRPP-2020-42) and the Ethics Committee of Psychology at Groningen University (protocol PSY-1920-S-0390).

Data source and participants
There were 62142 respondents, worldwide, who completed the PsyCorona survey between March 19 and May 25, 2020. Approximately half participated as volunteers and half were recruited via paid panels.

  1. Convenience samples. The survey was distributed online through a combination of convenience sampling, snowball sampling and paid procedures.
  2. Nationally Representative samples: Paid online panels were used to supplement the self-selected responses in an effort to achieve national representativeness in key countries.
  3. Weekly survey follow-ups. The main PsyCorona survey was cross-sectional, but at the end of the survey participants were invited to participate in a subsequent longitudinal survey.

Data sharing procedure
PsyCorona is a distributed team of behavioral and data scientists, but access to the data was centrally controlled and documented. The data sharing procedure was coordinated by the PsyCorona core scientific team to ensure quality, minimize redundancy, and only share the amount of data that were needed for a given analysis.

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