The psychological impact of the coronavirus spread: a multi-country study

The psychological impact of the coronavirus spread: a multi-country study

Help us predict the progression of the epidemic.

Psycorona is an international and large scale project that focuses on how people feel and think about the coronavirus epidemic and the economic impact stemming from it. The virus is the same, but the government measures per country differ, just like the way we live. And these differences also affect the spread of the virus.

In this project, an international consortium of psychologists from 22 countries try to grasp how people feel and behave and how this again links to the spread of the virus. The general idea is that people’s mindsets, attitudes, feelings, beliefs, or intuitions, which translate into behavior, influence and predict the virus spread around the world.


Our first main target is to get a more accurate view on these developments with our international questionnaire. Your responses will help us learn how to better predict the progression of the epidemic. You can join and help us to make this into a success. 50.000 people worldwide have already responded to our call. The study includes several questions about society and its challenges; some questions target sensitive social issues. All of these questions share a singular aim: to improve the prediction of viral outbreaks and to do so as fast and accurately as possible.


Our second main target is to make the data available and show how people cope with the same virus in different situations in different countries. We have created an online data visualization tool for policymakers and analysts to compare psychological responses across countries.

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