The psychological impact of the coronavirus spread: a multi-country study

The psychological impact of the coronavirus spread: a multi-country study

Research objectives and overview

PsyCorona is an ad hoc, multinational collaborative study of the psychological factors that predict people’s responses to the coronavirus and the population health measures taken against it. The ultimate goal is to provide actionable knowledge on how to enhance policies for optimizing pandemic response. To achieve this goal, PsyCorona was designed with three distinct phases: (1) the cross-sectional survey, (2) longitudinal follow-up surveys, and (3) an integrative data science.


The PsyCorona survey was developed in English and translated to 30 languages. There were 62142 respondents, worldwide, who completed the survey. The survey was distributed online through a combination of convenience sampling, snowball sampling and paid procedures. Paid online panels were used to supplement the self-selected responses in an effort to achieve national representativeness in key countries. The main survey was cross-sectional, but at the end of the survey participants were invited to participate in a subsequent longitudinal survey.

Data visualization tool

One of our main targets is to make the data available and show how people cope with the same virus in different situations in different countries. We have created an online data visualization tool for policymakers and analysts to compare psychological responses across countries.

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